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007MMassage Chair

Massage Chair
 Model: 007M
 Special Features:
  - Multiple massaging airbags
  - Position detection for accurate massage
  - Heart-throb detection
  - Blood pressure detection
  - Patented air-conditioning for warming and cooling

1):back rubbing  
2):light thumps to the back  
3):position detection — shoulder, shin,  
        back and waist can be detected 
        for accurate massage  
4):airbag in the seating area  
5):airbag for the leg massage  
6):airbag for foot rubbing  
7):arm massage   
8):heart-throb detection  
9):blood pressure detection 
10):safety voltage — 24V  
11):patented air-conditioning at seating area 
          and waist area, warming and cooling  
12):power — 420W

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