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Model No.: SW002A

A) Its better than a boat. Its better than a Jet ski. Now you can fly above the water
On this product.

B) With your feet on the platform and you Hands on the handles, simply hop up
On this product. And down to propel yourself Forward. The hydrofoils lift the
Product above the water, allowing you to Move much faster than any other
Human-powered watercraft.

C) With this product, you can ride on waves, race your friends. And even try new
Tricks! Anyway you use it, it is both a lot Of fun and a great way to exercise.

Novel feature:
Suit for person(kg): 32-45/45-64/64-86/86-114
Fast, up to 17mph(27km/h)
Easy to learn
Easy disassembly for transporting Feels like flying and lots of fun!

Operation Environment:
1) Water shall be more than 1. 6 meters deep
2) Surface of Water shall be wide enough
3) Without algae
4) With a small dock
5) Optimal Distance from dock to water
Surface is 40-60 centimeters

Weight: 26lbs(12kg)
Wingspan: 8ft(244cm)
Length: 6ft(183cm)
Material: Aircraft Aluminum and Fiberglass
Carton size: 126.50x70x19.50cm
G.W.: 13.50 kgs
N.W.: 10.00 kgs

351pcs/40 HQ

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